Behaviour Management

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Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management
I found my observations very interesting as gave me the opportunity to focus on behaviour management, the response to pupils' behaviour and different techniques and strategies employed by different teachers and how well these worked. ‘Behaviour management is the appropriate response to behaviour and appropriate management of the environment to minimise stress.' The first approach that I noticed in the lessons was that the teacher was always present before the class and that the pupils waited outside until invited in by the teacher. Also, the teacher did not start the lesson until all the pupils were quiet. I thought that these were very good techniques as it establishes a sensible tone conducive to learning at the start of the lesson. Something I think would be difficult to establish at any other point. It is important to assert…dominance from the start [and] establish the fact that the classroom is [his own] territory into which pupils can come. I saw how a positive attitude maintained by the teacher encouraged the rest of the class. This is reinforced by A positive approach was held by the teacher and seemed to encourage the pupils. I saw them respond very well to praise. ‘Effective classrooms have a positive and purposeful atmosphere, where pupils and teachers feel valued'

I saw the importance for consistency, when in the second lesson, the teacher told someone off for talking and the pupil objected saying that he was not the only one talking. He began to ask why had he been the only one told off and was very angry. While th eteacher was dealing with this, I noticed that the rest of the class were beginning to talk. I have become aware of the balance between

The Elton Report was a significant report, commissioned by the government in 1989. Although over twelve years old, it is a seminal document...
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