Black Wax Museum

Topics: Atlantic slave trade, Slavery, African slave trade Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: April 3, 2014
Experience at the Black Wax Museum

The Black Wax Museum captures the untold history of African Americans. The founders of the Black wax Museum designed it to educate those less informed about the history of Africans. This extraordinary museum exposes the hidden skeletons of the past and gives you a better appreciation and understanding of the achievements and hardships of those with African decent. Visiting the Black wax museum is an unforgettable experience that will always remain in my heart. Going through every emotion as I read the story of my ancestors left me in tears. This extraordinary museum covers the state, national and global history. This museum expounds on the truth unlike the history book. The most powerful part of the museum was the Horrors of the Middle Passage. This section showed vivid figures of how the slave ships were structured and the strategies behind destroying the identity of a person. There are notable figures such as Fredrick Doulas and Harriet Tubman. There were religious leaders that many people don’t discuss such as Richard Allen, the founder of the African Methodist Church and Mother Mary Lane. Then it went from slave ship to spaceship introducing Ron MCneal, Guide Blueford and Nay Jimson. The museum also covered the leaders of global history who helped their African nations to come into freedom. These great leaders are known as Nelson Mandela, Haile Selassie, Winnie Mandela and Quame. They have a wax figure of the first African American woman to run for president, Shirley Chisom. Knowing the history of the people that are in our circumference is the key to understanding one another. Many African Americans do not value their ancestries because they do not know who they are or where they came from. Because the lack of information that students receive from the education system, the achievements made by the great leaders with African decent are not acknowledged. Our lack of understanding for each other and for those who...
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