Books Versus Tv

Topics: Film, Emotion, Television program Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Whenever I’m bored, my initial thought about what I’m going to do is either to watch television or to read a book. Both are enjoyable, but I still prefer watching television over the other. Reading requires concentration, silent and a lot of thinking in which they’re not much needed for watching movies or series. You could talk and joke around with your friends or families while you’re watching a show, but you’ll lose the passage that you paused reading if you start a conversation. I love extending the boundaries of my imagination through reading, although I hate the fact that I can’t enjoy the visual motion effect. I love the emotional feelings that movies have intended imposing on the audience through the choice of music, acting and scenery; but I hate watching television as well because I don’t gain as much knowledge as reading. Nowadays language plays a significant role in our lives. It helps us in writing papers and communicating with others. You can improve and learn new languages through both reading and watching television. No matter what kind of books you choose to read, your writing skills in that particular language will develop in various ways such as reducing grammatical mistakes, enhancing choice of vocabulary, and forming better sentence structure. On the other hand, watching television contributes benefits in communication that you’re not able to get from reading books. Accents and slangs can be picked up from TV programs which are very useful and convenient when socializing with people from different parts of continents. Reading books requires certain level of your language’s comprehension in order to have full understanding and imagination of an event happening whereas watching television is a different matter. You can easily interpret the incident that is showing on the screen with the help of motion pictures, background music and sceneries. The understanding of language is not needed in order to allow us to know what is going on in a movie....
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