Brain Development

Topics: Self-esteem, Infant, Learning Pages: 4 (914 words) Published: September 30, 2005
Brain development in the first two years is the most important and critical. Maria Montessori referred to this time as of the "absorbent mind" Early brain development is the frame work for the road ahead. When and how the brain develops in the first two years will play a critical role into adulthood. At birth, the brain is the only incomplete organ. The brain will continue to grow through childhood and adolescents.

During the first two years the brain is the most flexible and prepared to learn. At this time everything is new. Everything an infant does build brain connections. According to "Touch, talking and things an infant sees and smells all build connections if done with continuity in a loving, consistent, and predictable manner. These connections die if not maintained. If there are no experiences, the connections are pruned back and the brain will remain small.

Environment is a major factor in early brain development. According to children raised in environmentally deprived facilities experience fewer sounds, sights, and colors have smaller brains than children in sensually rich environments. While genes and environment interact at every stage of development which is more important?

Genes are responsible for the hardwiring or the blueprint of the brain. While environment is responsible for the finer aspects. For example, everyone when born is hardwired with the potential to learn language. According to zero to our brains are programmed to recognize human speech, to discriminate subtle differences between individual speech sounds, to put words and meaning together, and to pick up the grammatical rules for ordering words in sentences. However, the particular language each child masters, the size of the vocabulary and the exact dialect is dependent upon the environment in which raised. Aside from genes and the environment there are ten things an infant needs in order to help...
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