Brand Ambassador Celebrities

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Brand ambassador celebrities

In this assessment, the author is going to produce an academic report, which is based on the systematic review of an application of brand ambassador and especially the celebrities as the brand ambassador in marketing. The author will explain the relationship between brand and brand ambassador, the function of celebrities as brand ambassador and how celebrity brand ambassadors affect the consumer in buying behavior, finally the author will give some suggestions for selection the fit ambassador for brand. The reason why selected this content is because the use of brand ambassadors is a quite popular phenomenon, almost all of the famous brand have their brand ambassadors, the companies invest millions of pounds every year only for the brand ambassadors, celebrities by acting as brand ambassadors make a lot of money. This is a new game in the marketing area.

1. What is brand, brand ambassador and consumer behavior? 1.1 Brand
To figure out what is the function of brand ambassador, the first should know what is exactly brand is. Brand is your company's product or service, combined with a unique positioning and key company equities that fills a need for consumers. Having a strong brand is significant to your company's success. (Ric, 2002).

1.2 Brand ambassador
The classic definition of brand ambassador is that “Any individual who enjoys public recognition and who uses this recognition on behalf of a consumer good by appearing with it in an advertisement” (McCracken, 1989) which is best Consistent with Keller (1993, p. 3), brand image is defined as the “perceptions about a brand as reflected by the brand associations held in consumer memory”.

There is one very proper description of a brand ambassador recently, "a diplomat,a representative of an organization, institution or corporation that best portrays the product or service." (Ric Sweeney,2002).

Brand ambassador is a marketing approach with the goal of spreading awareness about a specific brand. Top earning brand ambassadors are usually celebrity representatives or marketing professionals who become associated with brands through mass media and word-of-mouth marketing. The part of mission for ambassador is to building name recognition of a brand (Alex cosper, 2010).

The brand ambassador is a promotional model to retain trustworthiness, credibility of its character in order to advertise and provide larger luminosity to products or services. (Good, 2009) .The brand ambassador should reflect its personality traits towards product or service and give visibility to brand. The overall objective is to give maximum trust to consumer and celebrity fits itself with the brand.

If you consider this definition, the scope of your brand's ambassadors spreads and grows into a variety of audiences, each with huge potential for influencing others and ensuring your brands' success. The brand ambassador could be regional or world-wide-knows like some celebrities. In addition, your customers also could be your brand ambassadors, because they are buying your product again and again, they are providing the revenue you need to stay alive.

Brand ambassadors should have an extensive knowledge of the brand, business and its products to be able to answer any questions about the brand. They also need to fully support and believe in the brand to persuade customers to trust in the brand as well. These are people that are constantly present and building up the reputation of the company and attract the potential customers discover the brand is part of ambassador’s job, so their role also has a sort of a sales function. In one word, their task is to keep the image positive and to help others learn about the brand (Robin, 2009).

In this report the author will focus on the celebrities, and to see how useful of them with a brand.

1.2.1 Brand Ambassador Celebrities
Many brand ambassadors come from the world of established...
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