Breast Implants

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Society’s View of Perfection Should not
Involve Breast Augmentation.
Health risks, leakage, problems, concerns, are breasts implants really worth it? Breast augmentation another word for implant came in two different types of implants (Health). A women can get either saline or silicone implants. Saline implants are shell cups made out of sterile salt water while on the other hand silicone is plastic gel like material (1). Most women turn to breast implants to boost up their self-esteem, and to attract their opposite sex. Even though women turn to implants there are a lot of health hazards along with it. Many people say that implant surgery is going to be or become a never-ending cycle of surgery (Linal). People say this because breast implants are always going have to be repaired no matter what. People need to realize and understand the risks before they get surgery. Breast augmentation is expensive; that money can be used for more essential material, a lot of health hazards come with getting the procedure and it decreases sexual intimacy with the opposite sex. First and foremost breast implants tend to come with a lot of problems, whether it being removal, infection, or a boost. Breast implants have a higher risk of infection when the implant is put into the breast (108). The reason why there’s a higher risk in infection when the implant is put in, is because with all the blood cells it can cause clothing and then reject the implant. Always think about the health risks and how your body will be after the surgery. Are people willing to go through scaring, infections, possibly removal which will cost extra, but most immortally the disappointment after wards (108)? People will be disappointed a lot because they never thought that implants caused such a huge problem to a human’s body. Augmentation can lead to death risks. In rare situations only, it is usually due to unexpected complication of the procedure (108). A few of the problems that can cause death is the anesthesia that’s given to the patient, or blood clotting around the implant as well. In most European countries health officials have advised women to have them removed due to poorly built implants by Jean-Claude Mass, In the U.K 40,000 women were affected by the poorly built implants (PIP). Not all of the implants where needed to be removed, but most of the women decided to get replacements. In 2010 France banned PIP implants (PIP). They banned it because Mr. Mass made the poly implant prostheses frightened women that the implant could explode or leak. Also the gel that’s on the implant can irritate tissues in the body and cause inflammation. Implants made by poly implant prostheses (PIP) failed and leaked more than average implants in women (Carl). The only way you can tell if an implant is the breast is leaking is through medical tests, or upon removal other than that it is undetectable. Most women who have implants say that silicone implants cause more of an irritation then any other Implant. Before any women or even mainly a teenager goes out and gets breast implants, remember that the body can be still developing, especially for a teenager. Ask questions like how would my surgery turn out? Is the pain and everything else worth it? Secondly, more money would go towards implants to whomever the implant has been damaged. Insurance companies will not cover breast implants unless it is for a medical reason only. Only in some countries health insurance companies payed for the replacement of all deflated breasts (French). It is hard to come across insurance companies that pay for implants whether it being replaced or touched up. Women/teens don’t have the money for implants therefore they do crazy things. Such as taking legal action to get money for replacement surgery (1). The cheap implants that Mr. Mass used on 30,000 women, 2,700 of them filed complaints against him (PIP). He said that the women who filed complaints against him only did it to get money out...

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