Topics: Atlantic slave trade, Slavery, Black people Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: July 22, 2013
In this essay I would be expressing my reaction to about the African descendants in Puerto Rico; I strongly believe if you’re a descendent of the afro-boriquin, you should learn about your culture and your background, the reason why I say that is because if you ask any Afro-Boriquin to tell you about the culture and were there from, some of them won’t know what to say, by reading this passage I learn so much about the Afroborincano, then I do in regular history class.

Afro-Puerto Rican (Afro-Boriquin, Afroborincano) are Puerto Ricans of African African descent, the first blacks arriving with the Spaniards were free, that tell me that slavery did not all was excises in Puerto Rico, it all so state Puerto Rico has always had a larger free black population than slave population, through-out the 500 years of black occupation. I believe in some places in Puerto Rico some Afroborincano are calling themselves Dominicans is because, the Puerto Rican government stooped reporting ethnicity in 1950, and so it was difficult to verify Afro-Puerto numbers. That’s why they are confused with Dominicans living on the island. One thing I really learn from this passage is that, Puerto Rico black history initially began with the African freeman. The arrived here with the Spanish conquistadors. I feel like the only reason why the slavery started in Puerto Rico is because, when the Spaniards enslaved the Tainos who were the native inhabitants of the island and many of them died as a result of the cruel treatment that they had received. This presented a problem for the Spanish crown since they depended on slavery, their solution was to import slaves from Africa and as a consequence the vast majority of the Africans who immigrated to Puerto Rico did so as a result of the slave trade. By 1517, the Spanish crown permitted to import twelve slaves each in what became the beginning of the slave trade in the new world. Another thing that struck out to me was that when I found out were...
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