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16 and Pregnant affect the drop in teen pregnancy rates

Teen pregnancy in American has always been a problem since the 1970s. But since the

1990s the rate of teen pregnancy has dropped, and in the 2000s specifically 2009 it has been the lowest ever. Some researchers believe that a reality TV show that airs on the network MTV may have something to do with the decline in pregnancy rates amongst teens. The TV show is called 16 and Pregnant and every week a different pregnant teen is followed through a few months of their pregnancy and the first couple of months of the being a mother. The show shows different but similar struggles the young mothers face. From family issues, financial struggles, finishing high school and trying to be independent mothers raising their child. My draft thesis statement is I agree that the show 16 & pregnant has contributed to the drop in teen birth rates because it is a

show that allows teens to see firsthand what having a child at a young age can be like.

Other researchers believe the show has glamorized teenage pregnancy, because some of the teenagers from 16 & Pregnant have gotten their own TV show starring in the spinoff series called Teen Mom. These researchers say this because the girls have their own TV show and are the cover of magazines, these young mothers basically got famous for being teen parents. I do not agree with this claim because in the spin off TV show Teen Mom, the struggles and trails the
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