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Quaterra Strategic Plan Final


March 26, 2013

Quaterra Strategic Plan Final

Every business needs a plan, in that plan businesses need direction. Business that want to be successful will have both a great plan going in a great direction, with investors, board members and employees that believe in the same outcome, together they will be willing to implement the plan in order to have success. Quaterra Alaska a junior exploration company has a plan to the leader in the mineral exploration world, while starting a new advancer into mining. Their plan is to take old mine sights and turn them in to a profit while helping clean up old mine sights that still hold good minerals. This idea has made a small town in the rural Nevada area have potential for growth, during one of America’s worst economic times. This is Quaterra plan. Mission

The mission of Quaterra is that “Quaterra Alaska Inc. is a mineral exploration company focused on making significant base and precious metals discoveries in North America, our Commodity is discovery” (Quaterra Resources Inc, 2011). The mission to bring top of the line geology and research to the towns that Quaterra will stake claims and explore in trying to find world-renowned mineral deposits. Vision

When Quaterra create a vision statement, they put their passion, imagination, dreams, hopes and wishes for the company into a statement that tells the potential investors that Quaterra is worth their investment. Quaterra will establish a clear vision for the strategic planning process, paint a picture of where the organization will end up and the anticipated outcomes make certain the picture is one of reality (Human Resources.com, 2008). Quaterra vision is “a scarcity of new discoveries and long lead times ensures exploration successes will be rewarded” (Quaterra Resources Inc, 2011). Noting that making time to finish an exploration and have the patience for a positive outcome, instead of rushing into a project and not allowing the proper research to make a proper analysis of the minerals in the ground. Values

Quaterra values are to establish a working relationship with landowners, government officials and residents in the community that they will stake claims. Quaterra will also work with in the culture of the people, but also with the employees that they will have and with the possible investors. The social responsibility is to make sure that the community understands that they are willing to work. The company will also be available to stock holders when there is questions and the environment is put back together after the drilling so that the area look undisturbed. Proper reclamation is a key to working with the people of the community and the government, for not only proper relations but also following the law. Strategic Direction

The direction that Quaterra is to find significant base and precious metals discoveries in North America, the company believes that with in any drilling program or exploration sight they first must have one of the industry´s most successful exploration teams, while established relationships with major mining companies, and strong commodity fundamentals ensure success will be rewarded. The mission of the company demonstrates the important of proper exploration, showing to investors that the company does not want to waste their time or money. Quaterra wants to be known for the mission of being a leader in the exploration market. The vision is to find the potential mine sights that can bring jobs and a better way of life to communities while helping the economy with the minerals that are found. While working with government to make sure the land is not contaminated and reclaimed after each drilling program. Quaterra is true to its investors, with quarterly reports, drilling reports and public announcements, the investors are properly informed on the way the company is going. Showing progress in the PDA...

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