Business Communication Through Documentation P1

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Business Communication Through Documentation

Task 1

This assignment describes four different business contexts: agenda, reports, letters and database of client including the purpose and contrast of each context.

Agenda is a list of things to do: a formal list of things to be done in a specific order, especially a list of things to be discussed at a meeting. The purpose of an agenda is to inform participants of the subject of the meeting in advance, and to structure the discussion at the meeting itself. To inform people beforehand, and to solicit ideas, you should circulate a draft agenda and ask for notice of any other business. Still before the meeting, you should then send the revised agenda with enough time for people to prepare their contributions. If you know in advance that a particular participant needs information or will be providing information, then make this explicitly clear so that there is no confusion.

A report is annual business report from a joint stock company covering the company's situation and business trend. In addition, the annual financial statements are published and explained in the business report. The business report is available to all the shareholders. Their purpose is to help you quickly grasp the essential elements and relationships found in raw data and to help you make effective decisions.

Business letters are formal letters used for business-to-business, business-to-client, or client-to-business correspondence. There are a number of elements to a business letter; date & sender’s address, recipients address, salutation, body and closing. Business letters are used for many purposes such as to make inquiries, send replies, to place orders or bank correspondences etc. The main and the basic function of the business letter are not only to convey your message to the person who receives the letter but also to influence the reader. The single purpose of a letter is to convey thought. That thought may have to do with...
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