Business Communications

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SUBJECT: Business Communication
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____________________________________________________________________________ CASE NO. 1

(Marks 20)

“He wouldn’t look me in the eye. I found it disconcerting that he kept looking all over the room but rarely at me,” said Barbara Walters after her interview with Libya’s Colonel Muammar al-Qadhafi. Like many people in the United States, Walters was associating eye contact with trustworthiness, so when Qadhafi withheld eye contact, she felt uncomfortable. In fact Qadhafi was paying Walters a compliment. In Libya, not looking conveys respect, and looking straight at a woman is considered nearly as serious as physical assault.

Nonverbal communication varies widely between cultures, even between subcultures, and the differences strongly affect communication in the workplace. Whether you’re trying to communicate with your new Asian American assistant, the Swedish managers who recently bought out your company, the African American college student who won a summer internship with your firm, or representatives from the French company you hope will buy your firm’s new designs, your efforts will depend as much on physical cues as on verbal ones. Most Americans aren’t usually aware of their own nonverbal behavior, so they have trouble understanding the body language of people from other cultures. The list of differences is endless.

* In Thailand it’s rude to place your arm over the back of a chair in which another person is sitting. * Finnish female students are horrified by Arab girls who want to walk hand in hand with them. * Canadian listeners nod to signal agreement.

* Japanese listeners nod to indicate only that they have understood. * British listeners stare at the speaker, blinking their eyes to indicate understanding. * People in the United States are taught that it’s impolite to stare. * Saudis accept foreigners in Western business attire but are offended by tight – fitting clothing and by short sleeves.

* Spaniards indicate a receptive friendly handshake by clasping the other person’s forearm to form a double handshake.
* Canadians consider touching any part of the arm above the hand intrusive, except in intimate relationships.
It may take years to adjust your nonverbal communication to other cultures, but you can choose from many options to help you prepare. Books and seminars on cultural differences are readily available, as are

motion pictures showing a wide range of cultures. You can always rent videos of films and TV shows from other countries. Examining the illustrations in news and business magazines can give you an idea of expected business dress and personal space. Finally, remaining flexible and interacting with people from other cultures who are visiting or living in your country will go a long way toward lowering the barriers presented by nonverbal communication.

Career Applications :
1. Explain how watching a movie from another country might help you prepare to interpret nonverbal behavior from that culture correctly.
2. One of your co-workers is originally from Saudi Arabia. You like him, and the two of you work well together. However, he stands so close when you speak with him that it makes you very uncomfortable. Do you tell him of your discomfort, or do you try to cover it up ?

Section B

(Marks 30)

Barry and Communication Barriers
One common complaint employee’s voice about supervisors is inconsistent messages – meaning one supervisor tells them one thing and another tells them something different. Imagine you are the supervisor/manager for each of the employees described below. As you read their case, give consideration to how you might help communicate with the employee to remedy the conflict. Answer the critical thinking...
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