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It is important that the work you produce is carefully planned & written. Your work should demonstrate;

(a) Your understanding of the theory you have learned (underpinning knowledge) and (b) Your ability to apply it to real life/contemporary situations/case study (applied knowledge). Please follow the instructions below:

1. Start each answer from a new page;
2. Highlight each question clearly;
3. Avoid bullet points and restrict the use of numberings; remember that you are supposed to write an essay; 4. All work should be comprehensively referenced and all sources must be acknowledged fully, this includes books & journals used as well websites visited. Details such as page numbers, publishers and publication year should also be stated, in addition to the name of the author(s) and publication. Books, articles and journals should be the main sources; Internet sources are allowed up to 19% max; 5. Follow Harvard Referencing system;

6. All work should be word-processed;
7. Pages should be numbered (bottom right hand corner);
8. Assignment details sheet should be attached in the front (download from ABILearn); 9. Spell checks the document and read thoroughly for grammatical errors; 10. 1.5-line spacing is preferred;
11. References at the end of the assignment;

The correct format to answer each question (Task) is as follows:

1. Introduction (analyse the question – which theory is it trying to ask you to demonstrate?) 2. Underpinning Knowledge (write about the relevant theory/points) 3. Applied Knowledge (apply the theory/points you have written about in your underpinning knowledge to your case study/real life example) 4. Conclusion (summarise what you have written in 2 & 3 above). ASSIGNMENT REGULATIONS

Please refer to the HND Business student handbook given at the beginning of your programme.

Note: These guidelines may be superseded by additional guidelines stated in the specific assignment requirements.

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