Business Processes Involved in the Purchase of a Car

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Chapter 2 Q&E

2.1 - Page 22 (Choose ONE of the two questions)
Identify three business processes involved in the purchase of a car: 1. Test Drive: Most customers want to see the quality of the car, and want to experience it firsthand. Company may focus on making this a good experience to influence the purchase of the vehicle. Conditions of the car are very important, as they influence the decision of the customer. 2. Reviewing History of Automobile: Generally the case if buying a used car, Customers will be checking for accident history, vehicle registration, usage, and repairs. When a business provides this information it gives peace of mind to the customer. If the company does not offer this, the customer may find this information online. 3. Financing the Car: Creating a down payment plan for the customer. Most customers do not have the cash up front to pay for the entire car. In these cases the dealership gives a loan to the customer. This plan will set up the process in which the customer pays off the loan to the dealership. Much of this process is defined by the final price that has been negotiated between the dealer and the customer.

1)Examine a website of your choice and grade it against each of the Nielsen usability principles on a scale of 1 to 10 for each dimension. Then total up the dimensions to create a composite score for the site. Provide a short comment to justify each of your grades.

#1: The website does not contain a one sentence tagline, which makes a new time user unaware of certain information, but without this tagline the website still portrays its information well. Score = 0

#2: The website’s title is visible on every page and it is well placed, allowing the user to remember the website, but not to be distracted by it. Score = 10

#3: The website contains basic company information and links to other websites with further information. This is due to the fact that Steam is owned by Valve, so the...
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