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Topics: Adolescence, Child development, Motor skill Pages: 5 (1651 words) Published: January 14, 2014
Human development is the pattern of movement or change that starts at conception and continues throughout the human life span by (Santrock, 2008). Its depends on the human life span by developmental changes in which the process cover of physical, cognitive and socio-emotional through one’s life from born to death and the documented age is the indicator of life. Besides that, the life expectancy is the average number of year that a person born in a particular year can expect to live. For a counsellor need to identify the causes of developmental problems and to give ideas on the contemporary issues of human development. Therefore, for this assignment we have been assigned to discuss stages of development along with their domains in order to identify any problem that might occur during the development process and also to provide any necessary suggestion. As for the subject, I have chosen my father and an unstructured interview has been conducted. Autobiography

My father was born on 28th of April 1960 with a name of Wan Mohd Amin Bin Wan Abd Rahman. He was the youngest in the family out of 10 other siblings. Currently he is working with his own business, Petrol Station and Developer with his own company and has been working there for 5 years after he got pensions. Before this he is worked with government office at Jabatan Perancang Bandar & Desa as a draftsman and he had been worked there for almost 25 years. He is married with 4 children aged 26, 25, 22 and 19 years old. Since he was born, he lives at Besut, Terengganu; a regular village neighbourhood. He is very pampered with his family at the same time he also friendly with his friends. While he was schooling, he has many friends and he likes to spent time together with his family. He is very close with his family. After finished studies at the aged of 18 he went to Kuala Lumpur to pursue his studies at UPM. When he was 24 years old he start working right afterward. He was married when he was 26 years old and became a father when he was 27 years old. Now he is reaching 53 years old and still is working and lives with his wife and 4 children.

Early Childhood
At this stages age of 2 till 6 years old. During this stage, my father has a normal physical growth rate as other children his age. The physical changes of motor development have 2 types for example gross motor skill and fine motor skill. The gross motor skills my father was enjoyed with his sports and other outdoor activities. For example, he likes to play football, jumping and race around. However, as for his fine motor skill, during kindergarten in the early 60s, my father started to draw the real-life object or people and write. This shows that he is unable to practice his fine motor skill in relate to drawing and writing. Cognitive

Furthermore, for his cognitive development, my father stated that he learned a lot through observation in which showing that he learned through imitation. As an example, my grandfather work as artistic by drawing and play musician and here, my father will imitate his father’s action of his work and so on. This proves that he has used observational learning. Other than that, as for my father’s lifestyle, it is hugely influenced by his microsystem and macrosystem. When he was homeschooled, he was taught to read The Quran, showing that his life is majorly influenced by his microsystem (the Parents) and macrosystem (religious belief). Socio-emotional

In addition, based on the psychoanalytic theory of gender Oedipus vs Electra. Where my father is a Oedipus in which he was closely with her mother as well. What are he done everything his mother care it. These feeling are expressed in children’s alternation of loving and rebellious actions toward his parents.

Middle and Late Childhood
At the age of 7 to 12 years old as for middle and late childhood. During middle and late childhood the muscle coordination is developed. The motor development...

References: John W. Santrock Adolescence Fourteenth Edition McGRAW-HiLL International Edition
Assignment 1 (Individual)
Growth and Human Developmental (DPC 1103)
Name: Wan Amirah Bt Wan Mohd Amin
Matric num: 012012110782
Lecturer’s Name: Dr. Ooi Boon Keat 
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