Case study on impact of Reality TV on youth

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A Case Study on Reality Television and its impact

Akanksha Jain
Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal

Today for several people, television is one of the prime sources of information and entertainment. It is a door which takes you to a different world; a chance to see people, places, and things that one may not have experienced straight from the horse's mouth. It is one powerful medium that both imitates and influences culture. In an increasingly global society, television shapes society’s perception of the world.

People have somehow reached a saturation point watching the never ending melodramatic daily soaps and so the idea of reality shows has sprung up. Reality television, they say, breaks the monotony by creating attention-grabbing concepts.

Case Background
The Indian Reality Shows have flourished themselves in various fields such as singing, dancing, comedy, quiz, modeling, hard core stunts and many other talents. Indians are high on the emotional quotient and anything that strikes the emotional chord is an instant hit in India. And in a country like India where illiteracy, poverty and cultural backwardness has ramped the society, the entertainment industry plays an important role in framing the present society. Reality Television Programs.

Agreed they give a few people a certain kind of exposure.
Agreed they give a man fame within mere fifteen minutes.
Agreed they entertain people.

But are they really worth it?

The main objectives of the study is to identify the various types of television programs watched by the respondents, understand the popularity of various reality shows and study the impact of reality shows on society.

Problem Identification

Reality shows demonstrate to be trump cards of the producers and in a quest for ratings and media coverage, shows are becoming filthier and offensive; trying to find new ways to shock the audience.

Misleading youth : Things like crime, glamour etc are showcased and while watching these shows the youth gets involved in the fantasy of that character and try to be like that in their day to day life Degrading personality: The increasing trend of using vulgar language motivates the youth to do the same. So called beautiful: Images of thin young bodies link to signs of unhealthy eating habits, depression and low self-esteem- including fasting, skipping meals, excessive exercise, laxative abuse etc. The youth is having this pressure to be thin and so called beautiful. Turning kids violent: Seeing violence desensitizes their mind in thinking it is acceptable and normal. Putting children’s future in danger: Undoubtedly shows like Sa re ga ma lill champs and choote ustad are receiving huge amount of viewers but the future of the kids participating is in danger as they lose their valuable schooling. Blind belief: The lure of instant fame is making teenagers abandon their chances of a good education to become a star on reality television.


Are we really aware of what we are watching?

Do we ever give a thought to how it is degrading our society?

What will be the impact of such shows on the youth of our country? These questions call for investigations of reality-based programs based on the assumption that such programs may implicate a network of social, economic, and political changes in modern society and hence the study attempts to determine impact of reality shows on the society.

Below are the stats

Table 1: Age and Occupation of the Respondents

Age (in years)
Under 18
School Students
College Students & Young adults
Elder working class


Table 2:  Rating of most watched Reality Shows
1 = very poor
2 = poor
3 = average
4 = good
5 = excellent
Stats show that youth prefer shows like big boss and roadies over kbc and did etc.

Table 3:  Impact of...
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