Cause and Effect Essay

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Restaurant Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Andrew McCracken
ENGL 101 College Writing Skills
Professor Luciana Bohne
11 March 2013
Unhealthy Eating in America
According to Lavinia Rodriquez, a clinical psychologist in Tampa, FL, almost 90% of those who attempt a diet will ultimately fail. This raises queries of why diets are inadequate and why most people are easily falling into unhealthy eating habits. Today nearly one-third of Americans are obese and are struggling to maintain a healthy weight. Many would blame the individual, as he/she chooses what he/she will consume. However in our society, it is very easy to fall into an unhealthy diet with convenience foods easily available, the major influence the media plays, and the costs associated with foods.

Convenience foods are everywhere we look, in grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and even small gas stations. Grocery stores nearly pack every aisle with quick serve foods such as frozen pizzas, microwave dinners and other quick serve items so it cuts food preparation time down to a couple of minutes. Fast food restaurants, like McDonalds, often persuade individuals to make eating unhealthy an easy choice; as it is quick and convenient. From all-you-can eat buffets to fast foods, eating out is a common easy choice. Also many individuals will eat what is available to them at the time. Many will not stress a point to venture out to obtain new foods.

Media advertisement in fact plays an essential role in American culture. From radio commercials to TV advertisements, media is an ongoing, active role in many American lives. The media can also influence the foods you decide to eat. Showing happy people eating big macs portrays that happiness can come from eating at McDonalds, so we think we should eat there. Advertisements are purposely made to draw attention to the product being offered. Snack items tempt even the most careful of eaters with shiny packaging and good tastes.

Last but not least costs can play a vital role when choosing to...
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