Topics: Reality television, Television, Television program Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Reality shows are a disaster that is plaguing the country,These types of television shows entertain us and are beloved to many. However has anyone really taken the time and sit down and analyze what effects that they are having on our societies youth. Is it really harmless or is it a major problem that needs to be nipped in the butt. Reality television is altering our youths sense of reality and promoting promiscuous behavior in girls and promoting bad values in our youths everyday lives.

Reality shows are deceiving you when it comes to what could really happen in everyday life. Producers often when producing reality TV just take the prettiest girls and most macho guys from the bunch who seem stupid enough to do anything in the world to earn there 15 minutes in the spotlight. Reality television producers stage incidents in the shows that are completely unrealistic,and then they provoke them to act in a violent and promiscuous manner. Since the main audience are children and young teens these extreme situations are leaving a horrible example for our youths,since children usually want and act like what they see on television and view the shows as real ,the view that these shows give about life being a party gives them a skewed view of reality. Furthermore these programs set a bad example for the youth,since people view television as a harmless distraction to daily life they don’t notice the horrible behaviors that it makes our children show,Since most of the reality shows have swearing,fighting,drug use,alcohol use and all types of perverse and vulgar behavior that is extremely uncalled for In these shows young women dress like tramps and act in a promiscuous nature. Watching these images confuses the young ladies and causes them to have sexual issues. Reality television also glorifies the consumption of alcoholic drinks. People in the shows usually drinks without moderation causes them to be completely drunk and act in insane ways,Children who view these...
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