Cda Competency Goal 2

Topics: Child development, Developmental psychology, Childhood Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: November 11, 2012
CDA Goal 2 - Competency Statement.
I believe toddlers are very curious and want to explore the world around them. They are always excited to move their body parts like hand, legs, eyes etc. to explore and discover things around their environment. At this stage they are also beginning to refine their small muscle to control and develop their eye and hand coordination. At young age the children's appreciate growth in their physical abilities. A toddler enjoys rolling a ball back and forth with their parent or using their hands to put a puzzle together. The term motor development refers to growth in the ability of a child to use their body and physical skills. In the early years children go through great periods of learning and development. When we talk about Intellectual development, the term used to refer how a child mind and brain function develops. I think it includes thinks like their ability to communicate, to think in many creative ways, to solve problems, pay attention, make sense of the world around them, be able to make judgments and reach conclusions. A Childs intellectual development does increase as they go through their life, but for children a big part of intellectual development take place when they are young. When the children's are two to three years old, children will have a lot of new intellectual development going on. Their awareness will be expanding and they’ll begin to understand many more concepts. As far as numbers go, they’ll begin to be aware of the names of numbers and the verbal sequence that numbers follow. They’ll also begin to understand the meaning behind numbers and the different values they represent and notice numbers when they’re used in various aspects of life. some of the activities that I do to promote intellectual and physical growth include think like I use word cards and photos to present new words; introduce high-quality children's literature to promote a love of reading; encourage the pre-school child to practice...
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