Cda Learning Experiences

Topics: Cognitive psychology, Fine motor skill, Child development Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Name: Old Maid|
Age level: 3 year old|
Goals * Children will use their thumb/finger grasp to hold cards. * Children will strengthen then memory skills to remember where the card is to match.| Materials: Old Maid|
Implementation: This game will be available for the children during free play time. It will be sitting in the black tub, on the shelf and available for the children to play with. The children can take it off the shelf and play with it on the table. This can be a multiple player game. Shuffle the deck. One player will deal the cards one at a time until all cards are dealt. Each player will look at their hand. Discard all matching pairs of cards face up in front of you. The player to the left of the dealer then offers their hand to the player on their left. This player takes one card from the offered hand and lays down any pair of matching cards that may be found. Play continues with this player offering cards that may be formed. One player will be left in the end with the old maid card who does not have a match. The teacher will be available to help the children match the cards, helping take turns, and asking questions like: * “How many cards do you have left?” * “I wonder who is going to end the game with the old maid?”| Connection to Cognitive Development This is a cognitive activity because the children are using their memory skills to match the cards. | Connection to Physical Development This is a physical activity because the children are using their fine motor skills to use a thumb/finger grasp to match the cards.| Connection to Creative Development This is a creative activity because the children can make up their own rules on how to play this game. For example: When you get a match you get to take another turn.| Photo:|
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