CDIT 151 Course Syllabus Spring 2015

Topics: Infant, Child development, Developmental psychology Pages: 4 (799 words) Published: April 30, 2015
Spring 2015 Cerritos College – Health Occupations Division – Child Development Department Course: CDIT 151 Infant/Toddler Development (Wednesday, 7:00-9:50pm) Instructor: Michelle Banh
Phone #: (562) 860 – 2451 (ext. 2550)
Email Address:
Office: “E” (Health Sciences Building)
Course description: This course is an in-depth investigation of the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development patterns of infants and toddlers, both theoretically and through direct observation. Student Learning Outcome:

A. Able to carefully observe and record the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of infants and toddlers. B. Ability to use child development theory and the knowledge of individual and cultural differences to understand and respect each child’s development and behavior. Required Textbooks/Assessments:

(1) A Guide to Social-Emotional Growth and Socialization by California Department of Education and Far West Laboratory (2) A Guide to Cognitive Development and Learning by California Department of Education and Far West (3) A Guide to Language Development and Communication by California Department of Education and Far West (4) 1, 2, 3 . . . The Toddler Years by Irene Van der Zande

(5) Desired Results Developmental Profile – REVISED (DRDP-IT): Infant/Toddler Instrument (Birth to 36 Months) Will print certain measures from website! BRING TEXTBOOKS TO EACH CLASS SESSION!!!!

Required Supplies: 1 Blue Book + a 3 ring folder with pockets for Case Study. No Binders! DATE
Introduction to Class/Observing

Conception, Prenatal Development and Birth
Form groups–Prenatal Dev. of your Persona Infant

Children with Special Needs – “When Concerns Arise”
Video: Starting Point - Children are Children First

Intro to DRDP-R

Newborn/Young Infant...
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