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Table of Contents
Assignment 12
1.1 Three examples of international sector companies2
1.2 Description of role/responsibility per company2
Assignment 24
2.1 Three companies4
2.2 Social background5
2.3 Political background6
2.4 Cultural background8
2.5 Historical background9
2.5 Target group10
2.6 Marketing mix12
2.7 Image of the product13
2.8 Reviews14
Assignment 317
3.1 Influences of digitalization on the television sector17
3.2 Trends/development other 4 sectors17
3.3 Field visits18
Appendix I Reviews on the 3 TV shows/Image of the product25
Appendix II Review on ‘The Fresh prince of Bel-Air’31
Appendix III Interview34

Assignment 1
For this assignment I have chosen these three companies:
1st 4 film;
Lyons entertainment;

I chose them, because these are three different companies with different tasks, they are international and these companies work in the work field of television.

1st 4 film
1st 4 film is a British business focussed on providing TV camera crews in Britain and abroad.

They mainly work for these channels:
Channel 4;
Sky Sports.

1st 4 film is part of ONfilm group, which offers a variety of video production through various websites. ONfilm group was founded in 2000 by David Varley. In 2010, he decided to employ his own in house development team to not only improve his web presence, but incorporate new technology for their customers. They now have a host of talent under their roof at their offices in Leeds. The teams really at the cutting edge, and they’re starting to build new websites, and Web TV for business' far and wide. They have a specialist property video team now, and they're regularly working for the Nations builders and estate agents, shooting promo videos, show homes, locations and testimonials. Their motive is basically: were not just interested in the film we make for you, but more importantly we want it to make a difference for your business. They have worked for itv.com, BBC, Sky sport, CNN, Sky News, Discovery Channel and Panorama. All formats are offered, Z1, DV Cam, Digibeta, EX3 & Nano, HD Cam & P2. They say: ‘’Our portfolio is our reputation…’’ (1st4film. N.d.). I think their reputation is high, because they have worked with internationals. But not only that. They have also won Three Time Royal Television Society awards and two RTS awards for two programs, which are: * BBC Northern Ireland "We're Not Brazil, we're Northern Ireland" RTS Award winner 2006.;

* BBC Wales "Gloves Off"
RTS Awards 2005.
This gives the idea that this company is a good company, which offers what they promise. They have also got compliments from internationals. Here are some: ‘’Brilliant team, memorable film, produced onto DVD in only 3 days, use them!’’ (Leads Building Society, n.d.)

‘’Refreshing, inspiring and utterly professional.’’ (Lt. Col. Simon Powell, n.d.) ‘’Our web hits have tripled since launching HDTV’’ (1st4film, n.d.) So not only criticism from international shows that 1st 4 film is a good organization, which offers good production, but also their web hits have been increasing since they are innovating. This shows that they don’t just offer what they have, but also innovate to give more than what they have.

Lyons entertainment

Lyons Entertainment, now Bishop-Lyons Entertainment (BLE), has been creating, developing and producing original programming for the TV and film industry since 2002. President and executive producer, David Lyons has won over 30 international awards including 4 Platinum EMPixx awards, 4 Auroras, 3 Tellys and a Remi amongst others, for directing, producing and writing and has partnered with some of entertainment's top executives and producers.

BLE is one of the industry leaders in production of TV sizzle reels and development of original programming. The company is represented by one of reality TV’s most prominent agencies, Rebel Entertainment...
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