Chapter 4 Vocabulary Words

Topics: Slavery, Colonialism, British Empire Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: May 11, 2011
Chapter 4 Vocabulary
1.Numerated Goods- Pennsylvania ,New York, and New England and the Chesapeake as well produced grain, flower, meat and dairy products which none of this were included in the list of goods 2.Great Awakening- which swept across the south just before the American revolution 3.King George War- the war in which Spain merged into a war with France that began in 1744 in America 4.Mercantilism- the essence in Mercantilist policy was the political control of the economy by the state 5.Middle Passage- in the 18th century English sailors christened the voyage of slaves vessels across the Atlantic Ocean 6.Pueblo Revolt – the enslavement of Indians was one of the cause of the revolt and the Spanish became much more cautious in their treatment of the Pueblo were officially considered Catholics 7.Queen Anne’s War- in the early century a war pitting Great Britain against Spain and France known as the war of Spanish seduction and the Europe who had ended in a significant British victory in 1730 8.Seven Years War- British colonies of North America which expedition of the 1750 when the British colonies were engulfed by the war, slave trade continued to rise in the importance in the decades before the revolution 9.Slave Codes- did not provide for legal slave marriages that have contradicted that masters freedom to dispose of his property as he saw fit 10.Stone Rebellion- in 1738 a series of revolts broke out in the South Carolina in Georgia this prepared the way for the rebellion of 1739 the most violent slave rebellion of the colonial period
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