Characteristics of Adolescents

Topics: Child development, Middle school, Developmental psychology Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Characteristics of Adolescents

Intellectual, moral, physical, emotional, and psychological development of Middle School students. Middle Schoolers undergo profound changes during their adolescent years, and unlike infancy, they are witnesses to these changes. Complicating things further is the fact that these changes do not occur at the same rate in each individual. While all adolescents do not share these characteristics, it is safe to say that many do. Understanding that these characteristics are developmentally “normal” is helpful. At the same time, while these changes are necessary and natural, they present challenges to parents, teachers, and Middle Schoolers themselves. Intellectual Development

* Display a wide range of intellectual development.
* Are in transition from concrete to abstract thinking.
* Are intensely curious and dabble in a wide range of pursuits, few of which are sustained. * Prefer active over passive learning activities.
* Prefer interaction with peers during learning activities. * Respond positively to opportunities to participate in real life situations. 
 * Are often preoccupied with self.
* Have a strong need for approval and may be easily discouraged. * Develop an increased understanding of personal abilities. * Are inquisitive about adults, often challenging their authority, and always observing them. * May show disinterest in conventional academic subjects but are intellectually curious about the world and themselves. * Are developing a capacity to understand high level or sophisticated humor. Moral Development

* Often show compassion for those who are downtrodden or suffering and have a special concern for animals and environmental problems. * Are moving from acceptance of adult moral judgments to development of their own personal values. (Nevertheless, they tend to embrace values consistent with those of their parents.) * Are capable of and value direct experience in...
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