Child and Young Person Development

Topics: School, Developmental psychology, Childhood Pages: 9 (3347 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Physical Development from Birth – 19yrs Old
0-3Mths Make movements with their arms and legs. Develop a sleep pattern. Will react to sudden or loud noises. 3-6Mths Make gradually more controlled movements with their arms and legs. Thrive from skin to skin contact. Start to reach for objects and try to touch/hold them. Start teething. 6-9Mths Watches and explores movement of own hands and feet. Start making purposeful movements, often moving from the position/place they were left in. Will interact in their immediate environment using sensory exploration and movement. Starting to sit up. 9-12Mths Interacts with people, toys and objects using their increasing mobility. Enjoys the different perspectives and freedom that crawling, pulling themselves up or starting to walk bring. Focus on what they want as their mobility increases. Begin to make marks with tools. Able to sit up unaided. 12-24Mths Have biological drive to use every part of their body and develop their physical skills. Shows some awareness of bladder and bowel motions. Develop their own opinions on food, drink and activities. Practise and develop what they can do. Use tools and materials for a set purpose. Put together a sequence of actions as in wind the bobbin up. Enjoys sensory experience of making marks in paint, paste or damp sand. 2-5yrs Begin to gain full control of their body and move in and around space and objects near them. Move freely within space around them. All milk teeth have now grown. Fine and gross motor skills should now be developed. 5-8yrs Develop less fat and grow more muscle than in earlier years. Lose their milk teeth and begin to grow their adult teeth that tend to look out of proportion to the rest of their face. Will experience slow growth of on average 2 and a half inches and 8lbs per year. Uses fine and gross motor skills in sports and other activities. 9-12yrs Enter puberty. Skin becomes oilier and they may develop pimples. Experience a growth spurt with significant weight gain, muscle growth and genital maturation. Increase in sweating and youths may start suffering from body odour. Hair starts to grow under arms, in pubic region and with males on their face. Body proportions change which may cause joints to ache due to rapid growth, females’ hips widen and males’ shoulders broaden. 12-15yrs Females are gradually reaching physical and sexual maturity whilst males are just starting to physically and sexually mature. Experience rapid and sudden increase in weight, height and strength with the onset of adolescence. Acne appears, and is worse in certain skin types. Is concerned with their appearance. Increased likelihood of acting on any sexual desires they have. 16-19yrs Has essentially completed physical maturation. Physical features are shaped and defined. Social, Emotional and Behavioural Development from Birth to 19yrs 0-3Mths Enjoys being around people. Like to hear parents voices. Sociable from birth. 3-6Mths Develop a close bond and depend on one special person within their environment. 6-9Mths Enjoys interaction with others. Learns from watching those around them. Cry less for general attention and more because want something in particular i.e. food or nappy changed. 9-12Mths Start to build relationships with special people. Use a variety of ways to gain attention and draw others into social interaction. Will make social contact using their developing physical skills. 12-24Mths Can be caring towards others. Start to follow simple instructions. Look to others for responses that confirm, contribute to or challenge their understanding of themselves. 2-5yrs Learn social skills and enjoy talking to other children and adults. Seek out others to share experiences with. Respond to wishes and feelings of other people. Feel safe/secure and show sense of trust. Form friendships with others. Will demonstrate flexibility and adapt behaviour to different events,...
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