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Unit 1
There are four different aspects of development from birth to 19 years. They are: physical, social and emotional, intellectual and language development. Each aspect of development is all equally as important as each other and they all impact on one another. These four different aspects of development enable us to study child development as a whole person. Aspects of development explained:

1, Physical development:
Gross motor skills (using large muscles such as arms and legs), fine motor skills (precise use of muscles such as hands and fingers). 2. Social and Emotional:
This is the development of a child’s identity and self-image, the development of relationships and learning the skills of living in society. 3. Intellectual:
This is the development of a child’s understanding information, questioning, logic and developing memory. 4. Language:
This is the development of communication, developing vocabulary and understanding different languages. As every child grows at a different rate to each other so do other aspects of their personal development therefore this is just a rough guide to a child and young children development. Physical development ages 0-19 (Gross and Fine motor)

From birth to 6 months old a child should start to show signs of physical development. They start to turn their head towards sounds and movement, watch an adult’s face whilst feeding, lifts head to their chest, watches hands and plays with their finger and should be able to hold and shake a rattle.

Between the ages of 6 months and 1 year a child should be moving around a lot more. They begin to reach for toys, move from sitting with support to sitting alone, raises arms to show signs that he/she wants to be held puts objects in their mouths, passes objects from one hand to the other, push up or against furniture to reach a standing position...
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