Child Development

Topics: Infant, Developmental psychology, Child development Pages: 3 (1196 words) Published: January 29, 2013
child development - birth-19 years
most babies will start to respond quickly as soon as born, babies grow quickly and some develop quicker than others. it is most important for parents to have all the right skills for their children to grow and develop in all area's e.g physical, intelectual,language,emotional,social.

physical development
0-3months- babies tend to sleep most of the time and they grow fast. They need opurtunities where they can play and exercise with different kinds of toys e.g soft toys, books. They also need to be able to listen to different sounds and feel different textures. At this age they start to kick their legs and gradually the movement willl become smoother, same with their hands. 3-9months- babies will start to move their head round following people or objects. babies will start to enjoy different activies such as finger rhymes, playtime in the bath and experimenting in different toys,textures. From about 6 months babies can sit up without any support and will start to lift themselves up onto the sofa for e.g and pull themselfs across. They learn how to sit up into a sitting position by themself. 9-1 an half years- At this stage babies are using gross motor skills they are able to control there movements, there able to control the feet and stand. Babies can usually say two or three words and respond to commands. They start to sleep for longer at this stage usually around 12 hours and have two naps per day. Babies are able to feed themselves with a spoon. 1-3years- They are now able to do things like walking the stairs one step at a time, they are able to do things for themself such as, putting there shoes on. At this age they have more bowel control, this makes them a lot more independant. Toddlers are now able to kick and throw a ball and also have more eye co-ordination they are able to complete simple puzzles. 3-6years- There balance now becomes more stable and they are able to do things such as dancing and skipping....
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