Child Development

Topics: Developmental psychology, Psychology, Child development Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Professor Walker
31 January 2013
Berk defines child development as an area of study devoted to understanding constancy and change from conception through adolescence. Child development is a part of a broader, interdisciplinary study of human development that includes all changes we experience throughout a lifespan. The study of child development is complicated because it is not an exact science due to the change and stability in various aspects of development for each child. A deep understanding of the concept is crucial for anyone working with children. Developmental scientists divide development into three domains: physical development, cognitive development, and emotional and social development. Physical development is functioning of body systems, changes in body size, perceptual and motor capacities, and appearance. We often notice changes in a child's appearance available to the eye, such as height, but internally they are constantly growing as well. Cognitive development is the changes in intellectual ability. We use cognitive development to improve our memory, language, problem solving skills, and imagination. Through cognitive development a child will learn the difference between right from wrong and how to make good decisions. Emotional and social development is the changes in emotional communication, friendships, and interpersonal skills. When a child first attends school they are learning how to share and interact in a controlled environment. They are also learning how to act emotionally in order to assume their position in society upon entering adulthood. Although it appears development is divided into three parts, each part interrelates with another. For example, a child may be physically able to play a team sport and cognitively understand the rules, but their social development may not allow them to understand how being on a team works. The domains of development are divided into time periods from conception to adulthood. It...
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