Child Development

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Child Development Portfolio Assignment

Child Development B 21 CRN: 30735

Lorri Broughton-Kelley

April 28,2013

Bakersfield College Spring 2012

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Infant and Toddler Development
A. Physical Development : The physical development in infants and toddlers. From the time, that they are born, they have the world at their hands. They will explore and get familiar with it day by day. Their eyes and mouths are open and they put objects in them. They notice people and things that are there. They are here to be comforted, by the people and things around them. They will learn things as the development and will flourish. The are so dominant in developing so that they are able to grasp, move cry, and let it be know that they have the desire for attention. The first year from birth on they are able to lift there heads a little, make facial expressions, make a fist with there hands. They are able to suck on a bottle, grasp and hold your finger and use the reflexes in their mouth.

During the first six months they have gotten stronger and are able to do: reach and touch, crawl, roll over, push body forward, change hands with objects, lift head and chest, and make clearer sounds. Six months and older they will sit up, throw things, roll ball, walking holding on, and standing. By the age of one they are walking picking up things, move to sounds. Age two and up they are capable of turn door knobs. Walking, talking, running, playing games and sharing with other children. They are now able to use crayons, to draw, paint and many other things. The physical development for infants and toddlers is amazing and with every stage comes a new development. Their bodies, brain as well as their physical status has so many adjustments to reach completion.

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Infant or Toddler Development

B.Cognitive Development: is when they are getting thoughts and learning. Infants will start torecognize objects at various times when they are infants. What they are introduced too, stays with them and they will keep all those experiences and knowledge in their memory. And the experiences will only continue to build.

They first year is when, where and how they start to develop these learning skills. Although they may not know what things are they can realize that they do know them , and that they have seen them before.

They will show signs and make gestures and start to babble. They may even repeat the things that you do. They are now able to copy what you are doing. This helps them to learn other things and makes hem want to know more. By this time you should be reading them books and they will develop more skills such as what the pictures are and how they relate to them. They are ready to explore different stages in learning. Toys are there best friend and they should be able to find there toys even if they are hidden. They have now learned to pay attention and stay focused, this starts around 8 and 12 months, is when their memory has really began to build up. Between 12 and 24 months is when they are really trying to find things. Between 6 and 13 months they are playing ball with you and others. There are so many different things that they are capable of doing now. They cognitive skills are up and running they are really learning things. Basically they have developed to the point that they can interact with you and you can have fun helping them along the way.

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Infant and Toddler Development

C. Language in infants: Language is not only the use of words. From the time that they were born they are able to make sounds, even if it isn't language they are already developing their language skills. Language consists of verbal skills, facial expressions and gestures. During the first three years of the infant life, They will develop quickly. It is the most crucial part of their language development. This is also when the brain is most able to handle and absorb language. The...
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