child development

Topics: Developmental psychology, Child development, Human development Pages: 4 (1215 words) Published: October 2, 2014
Child and Adolescent development


      From birth to two years, many significant changes occur. In this transition from infant to toddler, great deals of cognitive, physical and psychosocial strides are met. During the first year of life, babies learn to recognize their caregiver voices. Although babies can only babble certain things such as “papa”, “mamma”, “Dada”, and “Babba”, their language development is increasing much more than that. These infants begin to learn and understand many names of objects and people as well. The vision becomes clearer as babies develop the ability to focus and center of things or people especially during this crucial stage, babies form a strong bond with their caregivers. It is very important for parents to be very loving and have a great amount of understandable. In the second year babies still have no ability to see the world in any perspective. They are learning about individual objects from ground level. Concepts of time and distance, "too fast, too slow, too far" are all beyond their grasp, often to the despair of parents for whom these concepts are painfully real. They are however working hard on their categories, sorting the objects they see into understandable groups. Consequently, having seen and remembered a duck they are likely to say "duck" when they first see a chicken because they both have feathers and wings. It's truly wonderful to see what powers of observation they bring to this task of organizing the objects, characters and animals they come across in their world. For example in our neighbor’s child, the mother says at the age of 6 months her daughter can able to walk then started to say “meme” means milk. And now she’s two years old, I observed, she can balance her body while biking a bicycle with three pedals, then can walk up and down stairs on both feet, one step at a time while holding on to a rail.This child, I think she was a fast learner because she’s different with other’s...
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