Child Development Stages 0-19

Topics: Developmental psychology, Motor control, Learning Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Children’s Development from 0 to 19 years

Stages of Child Development:

Age ofChild:| Illustration:| Physical Development| Intellectual /Cognitive Development| Social Development| Emotional Development| 0 - 3| | 0-3 Months: * Tries to lift head. * Begins to hold objects when placed in hand.3-9 Months: * Establishes head control * Begins to sit with support from about 6 months un-supported.9-18 Months: * Is now very mobile e.g. crawls, bottom-shuffles, cruises, walks.18 Months - 2 Years: * Walks well and tries to run but has difficulty stopping.2-3 Years: * Kicks a ball, learns to jump and may learn to somersault.| 0-3 Months: * Explores by putting objects in mouth. * Recognises its parents.3-9 Months: * Knows individuals and recognises familiar faces.9-18 Months: * Observes other people closely and tries to imitate their actions.18 Months - 2 Years: * Recognises objects from pictures and books.2-3 Years. * Identifies facial features and main body parts. | 0-3 Months: * Cries to communicate needs to others; stops crying to listen to others.3-9 Months: * Communicates with others by making noises.9-18 Months: * Communicates using (limited) range of recognisable words.18 Months - 2 Years: * Responds positively to others, e.g. plays alongside other children.2-3 Years * Is still very egocentric and very protective of own possessions; unable to share with others.| 0-3 Months: * Experiences extreme emotions, e.g. Very happy, scared, angry etc.3-9 Months: * Has a strong attachment to parent/carer. * Develops strong emotions through body language and facial expressions.9-18 Months: * Has emotional outbursts (“temper tantrums”).18 Months – 2 Years: * Begins to disengage from secure attachment e.g. wants to do things by self.2-3 Years * Still experiences emotional outbursts as independence grows and frustration at own limitations.| 3 - 5| | 3 - 5 Years: * Able to run well – and stop!. * Competent at...

References: Kamen, T. (2011) Teaching Assistant’s Handbook Level 3, London: Hodder Education.
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