Child Each Area of Development Fro Birth to 19

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a. Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth-19These are the main areas of development, which are all very important -Physical development
-Social and emotional development
-Intellectual development
-Language development

The sequence is in the order that children follow each stage and progress. The rate is by this age range they will have mostly met these requirements. Physical development
• Turn their head toward some sounds and movement
• Move from sitting with support to sitting alone
• Raise arms to be lifted
• Begin to walk
• Kneel to play
Social and emotional development
• Responds to adults specially mothers face and voice • Enjoy company of others and games like peek –a boo
• Like to please adult and perform for an audience
• Develops sense of own identity, wanting to do things for self Intellectual Development for 0 – 3
•Begins to realize others are separate beings
•`Imitates others and tries out the ways of behaving in play •Becoming more confident but still needs adult reassurance Language development for 0-3
•Makes a variety happy sounds
•Babbling sounds begin
•Moves from using single words to putting them together as phrase •Putting words together into a sentence
Physical development for 3-7
Social and emotional development
•Becoming more confident and self motivated
•Makes friends but may need help in resolving disputes

Intellectual Development for 3-7
•Understands two or three simple instructions
•Begins to understand sameness and difference in various aspects of life Language development 3-7
•Starts to use pitch ad tone
•Grammar is becoming more accurate
Physical development 7-12
•Can run
•Hit ball
•Climb and swing
Social and emotional development 7-12
•Becoming less dependent on close3 adult for support able to cope with wider environment...

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