Child Psychology

Topics: Causality, Theory of cognitive development, Hand Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: September 9, 2014
In addition to the instructions about how to do the observation paper that I already posted on iLearn, here I’m also providing a sample of a good paper from a previous class. This is based on a different, and older infant, than the one on youtube that you are observing, but it shows you what your observation paper should look like. Notice how well this student clearly related each infant behavior to some aspect of Piaget’s account of the sensorimotor period: He stated which substage of the sensorimotor period the child probably is in, and tied the notions of assimilation and accommodation to specific infant behaviors.

Observation Paper #1
A couple (husband and wife) were sitting on the grass at a music festival with a young male infant, who was probably between 12-18 months old. He sat on his mother's lap with a group of the adult's friends around them. They were sitting together on a blanket with a clearing in the middle for the child to play and move around while they all enjoyed the music and talked to each other. As I was sitting there, I observed the infant's mother hand him a small box of wheat thins which he easily grasped in his hands and held, looking at it for a little while. Then he dropped the box which hit his mother's foot and rustled to the ground. His mother picked the box back up for him and put it back into his hands. He then dropped it again on her foot and it landed again on the ground next to them. According to Piaget the child is in substage 5 of the sensorimotor period. The child is testing the cause and effect of his dropping the box of wheat thins on his mother's foot next to him. He is causing the box to fall, and then watching and studying it as it bounces off her foot and finally rests on the ground (causing a rustling noise from the crackers). Piaget would also think that he is experimenting with varying actions to see how it would cause a new outcome and then repeating the process to study if it yields the same result. He is...
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