childcare and education level 2 unit 2

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Unit 2

The developing child

D1 describe the expected stage of social development of children aged 4 years

Children of 4 years old like to be around and play with other children, “can play in a group, extending and elaborating play ideas (EYFS development matters personal social and emotional 2012, page 9)” this means that they enjoy the company of other children and will enjoy playing and spending time with new or different children, children at this age also show friendly behaviour and innate conversation with children around them and adults they know. Children at 4 also start to share with other children whilst they are playing e.g sharing a toy with another child. Children at 4 can also show jealousy towards other children that they are around if one child is getting a lot of attention from one adult a different child may start to feel jealous

D2 describe the expected stage of social development of children aged 5 years at the age of 5 children are “beginning to negotiate and solve problems without using aggression ( EYFS development matters 2012 page 9)” children of the age of 5 will also ask questions about subjects they are interested in . Children at the age of 5 starts to respect social rules. They also realise if and when they have done something wrong.

D3 describe one suitable method of observing and recording the social development of a 5 year old

A time sample observation is a very good way to observe a 5 year olds social skills, you look at a child’s social skills, it is a suitable way to observe a child’s social skills over a longer period of a time you look at what a child is doing for a couple of minutes every 10 to 15 minutes so you get a wider look at a child’s social development, to do you need to watch what the child is doing and who he or she is socialising with and make sure the child does not know he or she is being observed as it could affect the result.

+D4 explain one advantage and one disadvantage of this method of observing children

Time sample observations are a good way to present data that you have collected over an extended period of time, this is because you can see what a child dose at different times during the day, a disadvantage off this type of observation is that a piece of important behaviour could be observed by the observer but could fall out of the observation times this would be bad as they child may show a prime example of social development at their age because it falls out of the observing time it can not be written down.

D5 identify the main influences that may affect the social development of a child

There are many things that will effect a child’s social development. Some will have positive effects and others may have a negative effect. Transitions can have a negative effect on a child’s social development because the child could be unsure of what is happening and it could make the child unsure of how to deal with it, this will affect the child’s development as the child come become withdrawn and shy around new people in a new nursery or school. Illness can also have a large effect on a child’s social development as if a child misses a lot of nursery or school then they could Not learn the correct way of interacting with other children and adults. A stable environment could lead to a higher level of self-confidence which in turn means the a child’s will feel more confident around new adults or children, attending play group or nursery will really help a child’s social development as the child will constantly be around adults and children this helps improve social development as the child will learn the correct way to interact with other children and adults.

D6 describe how snack and meal times can support the social development of children

Snack and mealtimes really help improve social development as children are talking about what food they have and if they like it, whilst the children are eating in schools and play...
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