Childcare-Arrival and Depature Routine

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UNIT 4: Reflecting on and Developing Practice for Children aged 0-8

OUTCOME 3: Respond to Children’s Needs through Care Routines and Procedures

Student Name:

Date: 24th January 2011

Age Range: 5-8 years

Setting (be specific): A primary school on a busy dual carriage way, within a year two classroom.

Routine name: Arrival and departure.

The bell is rung in the playground for the first time and all of the children are required to stand still and quietly, it is rung once more and the children line up in their designated area. Their class teacher goes outside on to the playground to collect them, and leads them into their classroom. The children take their coats off in the hallway and hang them up on their individual pegs, and then take their ‘book’ bags and put them into one of two boxes. One box is for the children who have written their book reviews for that week in, and the other is for the children who have not yet completed this task. The children then collect their early work books from where they are kept and sit at their places to write their spellings out, if the children do not know what their spellings are, they are written on either the white board or the smart board for them to copy out. During this time I help any children that find it difficult to take their coats of due to stiff buttons for example. Also I tell the children to be quick and stop talking otherwise they all stand in the corridor talking quite loudly.

Once the children have finished their lesson or activity at the end of the day they start to pack up and get ready to go home. Firstly four or five children are selected to put the children’s book bags at the on the correct tables, in the correct places. The rest of the children are told by their teacher to go into the corridor and get their coats to put on, and to bring their lunch box into the classroom if they have one. The teacher’s...
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