childcare level 3

Topics: Developmental psychology, Learning, Child development Pages: 9 (3597 words) Published: August 4, 2014
Unit EYMP2
The different areas of learning and development include six main areas which are also linked to the EYFS framework, education programme which applies to young children of all ages. These areas of learning and development include personal, social and emotional development. This focuses on children learning to make new relationships, building their behavioural skills and self control, also other important aspects of this area of development is that children should have a good level of self confidence and self esteem built up and has self-care as well as a sense of community. (Children’s own self being). Communication, language and literacy are another one of the six areas of learning and development which links to children knowing how to read, write and knowing how to build up their communication skills. Language and communication is important for a child as this is the way in which they express their wants and needs and it is highly important as children grow they are building their communication skills and can use language correctly between themselves and other people. Children’s learning and development is communicating being able to use their speaking and listening skills as well as them learning to read and write these skills should all be supported in them and extended. Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy in children it is highly important their understanding of learning to solve problems to reason with things in different situations and understanding numeracy in broad ranges of context should all be supported by practitioners working with young children to ensure they are practising developing all these important areas of learning. Other important key things that cover the six areas of learning in the EYFS include all children’s knowledge and understanding of the world which is based upon children learning how to explore in their own creative ways and investigate new things. Children should be learning to explore things through feeling, touching and observing different things for babies and mostly toddlers in order to encourage their creative development it is important for practitioners to provide a lay out of various activities in the setting. For example treasure baskets and providing heuristic play. Their designing and making skills should also be supported to be developed, so children should have the opportunity to design and make things and explore their own ideas. Things such as equipment they might need before they start cooking and if they are cooking food from different cultural backgrounds (cultural foods) this would help develop their knowledge and understanding of the world because they are learning about the different types of food and where they come from in the world. They also learn to appreciate and respect their peers and differences their peers might have, different thoughts and ideas other people could also have. Another good way of developing children’s knowledge and understanding of the world is through allowing them to undertake practical experiments working and exploring with a variety of materials. It is also highly important to encourage them to use different objects in their natural environments, to explore using different tools in a safe way, encounter plants and creatures as these are all apart of building their skills to them learning good knowledge and understanding of the world. Understanding how plants grow, the different types of plants and why there are different types of creatures which we find outside. They also would learn how plants survive and why they need the essentials such as water and sunlight to grow. Through exploring creatively these are all the important things young children can learn to help give them a better understanding of the world and how or why things happen. Physical development, this area of development is highly important because it gives children the opportunity to do many things whilst keeping active and healthy so this area of...
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