Childhood Development

Topics: Jean Piaget, Developmental psychology, Motor skill Pages: 4 (1508 words) Published: April 16, 2013
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November 11, 2012
Preschool/School Age Observation Paper
Name: Cassey Age: 6.3 Name: Michael Age: 5.8 PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: Write your observations of both children’s physical development. Use complete sentences and include the names of the children you are describing. 1. Large Motor Skills: Some of Cassey’s large motor skills were moving her head, standing, walking, and running, jumping, skipping, and climbing. Michael displayed the exact same large motor skills as Cassey, which is probably due to how close in age they are. 2. Small Motor Skills: Cassey and Michaels small motor skills were as follows; cutting paper with scissors, catching balls, and all other activities that involved hand and eye coordination. 3. a) Size Similarities and Differences: Both Cassey and Michaels weight and height were fairly similar, although I did not take exact measurements for these categories, I noticed the two children’s size to be fairly similar. Cassey was slightly taller than Michael and did weight a little more from what I could tell. 3. b) Activity Level Similarities and Differences: While observing the two children I came to realize that Cassey’s activity levels were a little bit higher than Michael’s. While both children were fairly active while babysitting them, Cassey did display some higher amounts of activity than Michael displayed. DRAWING: MOTOR SKILLS AND CONCEPTUAL DEVELOPMENT

4. Compare the drawings and writings of two children. (Provide them with paper and crayons or markers). Evaluate both the physical and cognitive development shown in their work. When I provided Cassey with paper and markers, she drew a bunch of princesses. Purely based off of the fact that she drew princesses her cognitive development is, in my opinion, right where it should be for her age. Her imagination of princesses, fairies, and princes were clearly displayed throughout her drawings. Along with...
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