China Tebuconazole and Epoxiconazole Production Market

Topics: Pesticides, Fungicide, Pesticide Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Get Complete Report of China Tebuconazole Market @

Get Complete Report of China Epoxiconazole Market @

Tebuconazole & Epoxiconazole is a highly effective triazole fungicide widely used to control a variety of crop diseases such as damping off, powdery mildew, and other diseases on grain crops (wheat), economic crops (beet, peanuts), etc. Domestic Tebuconazole & Epoxiconazole capacity has reached 2,200t/a as of March 2013, with the output of about 500 tonnes in 2012. Production and Market of Tebuconazole & Epoxiconazole in China is CCM’s first edition of its report on the Chinese Tebuconazole & Epoxiconazole industry, completed in April 2013. This intelligent report attaches importance to the following parts: - Production summary of Tebuconazole & Epoxiconazole (capacity, output and key manufacturers) in China during 2008-2012 - Price of Tebuconazole & Epoxiconazole during 2008-2012 and export of Tebuconazole & Epoxiconazole during 2010-2012 - Consumption situation of Tebuconazole & Epoxiconazole during 2008-2012 - Forecast on Chinese Tebuconazole & Epoxiconazole industry from 2013 to 2017 Table of Content Executive summary Introduction and methodology 1 Overview of fungicides in China 1.1 Brief introduction to the pesticide industry 1.2 Development history of triazole fungicides 1.3 Position in Chinese fungicide industry 1.4 Governmental policies related to triazole fungicide industry 2 Introduction to key raw material 1,2,4-triazole 2.1 Brief introduction 2.2 Production technology 2.3 Production situation (summary, key manufacturers), 2008-2012 2.4 Price, 2008-2013 2.5 Demand summary, 2008-2012 3 Production technology 4 Registration 5 Supply of Tebuconazole & Epoxiconazole, 2008-2012 5.1 Summary of production 5.2 Key manufacturers 6 Circulation situation...
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