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Malika Knox
Cicero 6-8
Everything that is living be it an animal, a person, or even a plant lives to protect itself and stay out of harms way for the most part. Humans and animals share the same goals as far as seeking protection, company, and in some ways approval. Animals travel in packs for protection and to gather food and share with their pack. Animals do the same things over and over. They only live life for survival humans seek understanding as well as necessities. Animals mate to procreate for the most part they don’t have sex for enjoyment unlike humans.

Humans search there whole life for understanding as well as reason. Human have the complexities to wonder why and to seek answers thru experiences and other people. Even the most shallow human mind still deals with reason and questioning unlike an animal. Animals act on instinct as well as needs, humans act on a series of different things including but not limited to needs, instinct, reason, religion or faith as well as emotion.

Over the course of a man’s life they seek respect and honor. All people want to be treated either equal or to be treated according to their status in life, that is if it is wealthy or of a higher power. No person honestly wants to be treated badly or disrespected.

The view point of this section was to explain how humans think and to explain why they do what they do. Reason and ration control everything in a normally functioning human brain. These are the things that make them who they are and shape their personalities. If someone does something wrong who is to say it is wrong if they have all of the reasons to do so. This section was very deep in explaining that ever action has a reaction and that action also had something else occur before it took place.
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