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CINDERELLA’S STEPSISTERS by Toni Morrison Formal Essay #1 Question #2 When Toni Morrison writes “I am alarmed by the violence that women do to each other: professional violence, competitive violence, emotional violence. I am alarmed by the willingness to commit violence of women to enslave other women.” Morrison saying that she is shocked by women’s willingness to commit violence against other women I any type of setting. As the stepmother and sisters humiliate and strip Cinderella of her dignity. Toni Morrison expresses that times have not changed that much from medieval times to now. In our society today all that has applied in the story of Cinderella and medieval most defiantly does apply to our society today in some degree. As Morrison writes “feminine power when directed at other woman has been wielded in what has been described as “masculine” manner.” Women can be just as violent as men even more the fact that they can be conniving and devious. Women are even capable of violence in a circumstance like the work place where violence is not tolerable. It takes a lot of spite for anyone to mess with a co-worker at their job. Women also vary in their means to do violence like trying to humiliate another woman or preventing a woman from achieving their goal. An example of women’s violence in today’s society would be reality television. Where in some reality show especially those which mainly star women where they all live under the same roof. They don’t like each other but they will interact with one another which more than likely results in a physical and verbal dispute. Television networks profit off these shows dues to high ratings because of the draw to watch what the women’s tenacity for violence brings to the show. And when the show is all said and done they have reunion show which always leads to the most violence in an episode then what you’ve seen for the entire season put together. Mostly all reality shows are scripted but the ones involving...
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