Class Observation

Topics: Classroom, Knowledge, Attention Pages: 3 (599 words) Published: February 6, 2015
The classroom is neat and tide. It is fully air-conditioned and screened the windows to shade from the sunlight. The air-conditioned room make the students feel dearly to the surrounding. It is a projective class in which lecturer teach the class with the projector and PowerPoint presentation. The lecturer is given a mic to handle the class. It is good in transmitting the sound. The class atmosphere is good to enhance their learning. The chair arrangement in the class is not in uniform. The students in the class are not seated according to the gender separately. They were mingled together with their peer groups. The seat arrangement is not even, some students in front row, medium students in middle row and large students in last row. The chair arrangement stage is step by step. So, it is easier for the students to focus prompt in manner. The seat arrangement with their friends make them more active in the class.

The students are awesome in behaving in the class. They know how to tackle the class. When to yawn, when to talk, when to listen all things are very well done by them. Nearly 80% percent of the students were attentive in the class. And 20% of the people are just being seated for the sake of lecturer. On average many of them are attentive. In some part of the topics, some students are bored and lied on the friend’s arm and some were physically present and mentally absent. Many students answered spontaneously for the questions of the lecturer. Some students talk with their peer groups (loose talks). In our opinion about attentiveness of the students also depends upon the lecturer. Being a good lecturer, the students showed respect, interest and patience towards the lecturer and topics. During our observation, the topic is about Hormones and Sex. The students are however drive by the topic which make bored one also attentive in the later part of the class....
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