Class Officers Job Description

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Job Description


* Provides leadership to class officers and class members. * Communicates annually to class members.
* Remind the other class officers with regard to their duties and responsibilities. * Prepares meeting agenda.
* Updates all classmates to all programs or activities of the college. * Responsible for keeping important classroom documents.


* Coordinates with the class president regarding all classroom policies or guidelines. * Cooperates in doing, planning, organizing and implementing class programs. * Performs the duties of the president when he is absent. * Updates himself with all the class/college programs or activities and helps the president in dissemination to the class.


* Keeps all the documents of the class.
* Takes the meeting minutes of all classroom meetings, both regular and emergency session. * Responsible for keeping correspondence and attendance record.


* Keeps the financial aspect or expenses of the class.
* Records all financial transactions.
* Collects/Deposits fun raising money earned with the classroom president. * Disburse cash which is approved by the president for classroom purpose. * Reports the financial standing of the class.


* Prepares detailed reports on audit findings/financial states. * Reviews all the data submitted by the treasurer.
* Submits all financial reports to the president for approval. * Works hand in hand with the treasurer, re; financial status of the class.


* Makes and keeps documentations.
* Spokesperson of the class.
* Develops and maintains the reputation of the class.
* Serves as the point of contact of all the classmates.


* Knows the time and place of every meeting.
* Distributes message from the president to the class.
* Attends to functions...
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