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Topics: Child development, Jean Piaget, Developmental psychology Pages: 14 (3416 words) Published: November 24, 2014

DEP-2004 Human Growth and Development Syllabus
2014 FALL B /CourseSites platform


1.Text and Materials: Thies, Kathleen M., and Travers, John F. (2014) Custom Edition for FNU – Growth and Development Through the Lifespan, 2nd Edition. Jones and Bartlett Publishers. ISBN: 978-1-284-04862-9. 2. Course Description: The nature of human behavior is considered as a dynamic developmental phenomenon.  While the emphasis is psychological, an understanding of the physical aspects of development and their social implications is included.  Observation and written analysis of principles of learning involved in human development are required.  This course meets teacher certification requirements in the area of psychological foundations. 3. Course Outcomes: At the end of this course, the students will be familiar with the principles that surround the field of Psychology and will have an understanding of the basic concepts and terminology that are emphasized in the field. In addition, the students will become familiar with: a) The progression of human life from conception through adulthood. b) The theoretical perspectives for their value in explaining and predicting growth and development. c) The interdisciplinary explanations of developmental tasks and transitions through the lifespan. d) The physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development at each stage of lifespan from prenatal stage to Later Adulthood stage.

4. Cheating and Plagiarism is an unacceptable conduct and will NOT be tolerated. a) The professor will respond to any questions or concern within a time-frame of 24 hours. b) Students should familiarize themselves with the Blackboard environment and participate in the Blackboard orientation provided in any of the FNU campuses. c) In keeping with the professionalism for the class, absences, tardiness, and lateness in completion or posting of assignments are not acceptable. d) Respect for colleagues, their cultural beliefs, differences of opinions and individuality are also required. e) The professor reserves the right to lower a semester grade on the basis of poor attendance or lack of professionalism.

5. Class Policies and Professional Expectation:

a) Students are responsible for all the material covered during the course. b) Students must log-on at least twice a week.
c) Attendance is strongly encouraged because the entire test questions will come from material covered in class. d) Discussion Board participation is required from all students and it is mandatory for all students to respond minimum to two (2) of your peers in every assignment. When responding to your peers, you must respond with a minimum of 5 to 6 lines or one (1)) paragraph to be graded with the maximum score including your name and the student’s name you are currently writing to in your feedback session. e) We are implementing Course Sites as part of the evaluation system for this class. You will receive an invitation from your instructor and you will be able to create a User ID and Password to log on into the CourseSites webpage: www. f) Failing to submit any of the required assignments, your grade would be highly affected. g) Participation is required from all students.

h) All work must comply with APA written standards.
i) Research Paper must comply with APA written standards:
Title page (1),
Abstract (1),
Content pages (5),
Conclusion (1),
Reference page (1).
Therefore, there must be a minimum of nine (9) pages per project. For more detailed information please, go to the Research Paper Tab located in the left column. j) In addition, you can contact our Writing Lab at the Hialeah campus and/or Online with Professor Ileana...
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