Topics: Plan, Classroom, Management Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: December 7, 2014
30 points….3 per item
Due December 8-9
The Classroom Management Plan should include the items listed below. Unless otherwise noted in bold these are all completed OFs or FHW’s; you should make corrections and revisions and use new copies based on our comments. The order of these items is not the same as the order of the FHW’s. . This seemed more logical. Feel free to add items you think relevant to classroom management from this class or the school site. Keep this management plan for next semester; you may be asked to resubmit it for EDSS 459, to share it with your supervisor, and to include it as a component of a professional portfolio.

Please attach this checklist to your management plan.

1.Letter of Introduction to Students and Parents (to introduce yourself, your qualifications, your role next semester); emphasize working with mentor teacher teacher. Keep to one page. (FHW #5) 2.Expectations for Students; Rules or Norms for your class (FHW #3); also, add

expectations for yourself and your goals for the class.
3.Draft Syllabus: Include grading Policy (might be the same as or close to resident teacher’s); include policies on late work, make-up work, extra credit, types of assignments students can expect, planned semester content, materials students must bring daily (FHW # 11) – could combine with #1 and/or #2). 4._____Routines (Class-running, Lesson-running and Interaction Routines); see p.104 4th edition) in Weinstein *This needs to be added. 5.____ Transition Routines; ( FHW #6)

6._____Physical Map of your ideal classroom (FHW # 2) showing Steele’s six functions 7.Examples of behavior management strategies you might use; see Ch. 12 in Weinstein and my handouts; your preventative management strategies and hierarchy of consequences. This is a reference list for you, a supplement to #2. *This needs to be added.. 8.Examples of ways you might foster community...
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