Classroom Management Plan

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Philosophical Statement
In my first year as a teacher, I am committed to providing an environment where students are successful in learning, and understand the rules of the school inside and outside of the classroom. When students know they are in a safe environment, they feel safe to –ask questions, make mistakes, and be their selves. In keeping with tone of supporting students, behavior should not be punished, but re-directed to fit each students’ needs. My job as a teacher is to set the tone for such an occurrence and allow the students to see where they fit in. Providing the appropriate environment for all students to flourish will be my major goal in implementing good classroom management –it is necessary for the success of each student. I am committed to building my classroom into a safe and inspiring environment while engaging my students through the curriculum. While also getting to know them and interacting with them on a one-on-one basis. I know that meeting the needs of my students is a very integral part of my classroom management. Being comfortable with others students as well as myself, is also key to meaningful and respectful classroom discussions. I would like to have participation as a regular in my classroom, which could lead to group work. I want to make sure students are not afraid to learn from each other early on, so that when they are older they can see the importance of teamwork In my class I would say that I myself am very understanding and open with students. I recognize when they are not in the best of spirits, and when they have received good news. I will try my best to gage students by asking questions about their life outside of school. I want them to also feel comfortable with asking me questions, and know what is appropriate versus not-appropriate. Apart of self-rules, I don’t believe in forcing students to complete assignments, rather I give them the choice, along with consequences so they understand what is expected of them. I want my students to understand how to work for a grade, and know the feeling of satisfaction and earning an “A”. I am open to suggestions from students of what makes them comfortable in a classroom, so that they feel they are involved in the mechanisms of the classroom –which will give them motivation to learn and be enthused about learning. Physical Arrangement

Coming into the classroom, students are met with natural lighting from the windows and inviting tables and chairs with textbooks neatly stacked in each corner of the desk. Also upon entrance is a table where students can submit their work for the day as the exit the room to go to their next class. They feel excited and eager as they walk to their seats that they choose as their personal seat for the rest of the year. The seat formation is a square, in which students are two to a desk, and seated in front of or –in back of each other. There are three boards in the classroom: * A White-Board (in the front of the classroom)

This board is used for writing down student comments.
Daily news of important events
Important information students should know for the day.
* An Interactive Smartboard (on the right wall of the classroom upon entrance) This board is used for prompts and classroom discussions.
Interactive classroom activities (i.e., Jeopardy for test reviews, or lessons that describe how to mathematically explain graphing the equation of a line using slope intercept form) * A Cork Board (on the back wall of the classroom)

This board will be used to display:
“Student of the Week”,
Top Assignment Grades,
and Student Birthdays for the Month.
My desk, which is at the head of the class and next to the whiteboard, has a bin for late assignments. Students are instructed to take out their notebooks and pens/pencils, and record the lesson for today located on the Whiteboard. The set-up of a classroom, as well as any room has an effect on the individuals that dwell...
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