Climbing the Peak

Topics: Windows NT, English-language films, Operating system Pages: 1 (435 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Climbing the Peak: Agony and Ecstasy of 200 Code Writers Beget Windows NT, Badgered by a Driven Guru, They Fight Fatigue, Fear to Build Grand Synthesis, Dread of an Unfixable Bug There are a lot of things about this article that I find very critical. Some of the critical issues I found really involves around harsh and poor communication, no flow of directions and lack of positive leadership, and ultimately not enough manpower. When Bill Gate started the idea of building Windows NT, I bet he knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task and he probably knew he needed someone who can push his agenda hard. That’s probably why he brought in David Cutler. From just reading this article I know Mr. Cutler is a very smart guy when it comes to what he does, but to have him lead a team to do what he expects them to do is by far something he shouldn’t do. The way he communicates with his staff to get this done is in reality “Harsh”. Just from reading the article it hard to follow really how the flow of work is because everyone is so against each other and going back and forth. What he needed was to bring in someone who could understand the complexity of his project and have that person run the show (Project Manager), build better communications amongst the staffs, and do what Mr. Cutlers envision the team to do. This would eliminate him being so tough and harsh to the entire staffs. Someone who is much more articulate and would have a much more positive leadership Second, is the flow of work is without any direction. What I mean by that is each team should of have a supervisor. In the section title “Creative Tension” Mr. Cutler wanted to delegate responsibilities and eliminate supervisors. I strongly believe that doing away without a supervisor or a team leader is wrong and that because he didn’t have any supervisors to oversee those group it only put the pressure on him. If there were supervisors, the flow of work from him to the supervisors would easily be...
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