CMI L3 Training and Education Assignment

Topics: Learning, Educational psychology, Skill Pages: 3 (1170 words) Published: August 9, 2015
An inclusive learning environment is one in which all those participating feel able to actively engage, feel safe and feel welcome. The inclusive learning environment provides opportunities for all members of a group to engage in the learning process and aims to remove any barriers to full participation by all learners. An example of inclusive learning in our workplace is during each member of staff’s personal development review. Every employee is asked how they would like to develop themselves and are given the opportunity to choose to learn a new skill. e.g. everyone is given the opportunity to train as a first aider or a fire warden. There are many different learning approaches and they all can be very effective dependant on which way the learner finds it easiest to understand. For example some learners prefer the visual method of learning where they find using pictures or images to help them better understand, while others may prefer a physical learning approach where they find using their body, hands and sense of touch as the best way to learn. Other individuals may find it easier to gain understanding from a social approach and prefer to learn in groups or with other people. The verbal approach to learning could be beneficial to individuals who prefer to learn using words, both in speech and written form. A good example of how we cater for different learning styles in our workplace is when an individual learns to use a piece of equipment in the factory. The individual is shown how the task should be carried out, this is good for the visual learners. The same task is also explained in spoken word by the trainer which is ideal for the verbal learner. Every task is also accompanied by a written instruction called a one point lesson. The learner also can practice the task in a safe and supervised environment which covers the physical learning approach. We also have other resources to aid with the learning process. We regularly show videos that give a visual...
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