Cognitive and Language Development

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Whether we know it or not children begin learning from the moment they take their entrance into this world by listening, looking, and interacting with people and objects (Gleitman, 1981) that carries them from birth through adulthood. Literacy Development in children is sort of the same thing but it is focused mainly on things that help them with speaking, listening, reading, understanding, watching, drawing and writing. Infants and Toddlers are like sponges; they absorb everything about their environment (Lally, Torres, & Phelps, 1993). They learn through sensory and motor experiences (Gleitman, 1981). You might say well how I can help them with all of this it is a lot. Well here are some ways that you can help them with out having to do a lot.

Infants ( Cognitive & Language Development)

Put a mobile over the crib, he/she will enjoy it
Let them listen to classical music
Read to infants. They may not understand you but it helps develop early literacy skills Play peek-a-boo
Let the infant play with an unbreakable mirror so they can see their reflection Sing/Talk to infants during feeding and while changing diapers Toddlers (Cognitive & Language Development)

While reading to toddlers, name objects in the book and let them point the objects out Hide a toy and encourage the child to find it. For example, behind your back or under the table, etc. Encourage the child to sing songs with you

Encourage to stack blocks and let them knock them over so they can see them fall If the child is saying simple words like dog or ball, try and use them in a simple sentence like “Where is the dog?” so they can start learning to put sentences together Infant & Toddler (Literacy Development)

Try an use rhyming whenever you can- helps them understand the meaning of words as well as how they are created Repeat sounds you child makes, or make up sounds and see if you child can copy them Talk about the sounds animals make and ask your child to copy When you are out take a...

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