Cognitive Development in Infants

Topics: Motor skill, Infant, Child development Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: April 17, 2011
I chose to write about the motor development of infants. At our last duty station, I worked as a Licensed Family Child Care Provider. During this time, I cared for two infants. Both infants started with me at 6 weeks of age and stayed with me until they were 8 months old. Although I have children of my own, it had been a while since I cared for an infant. It was amazing to me to watch them grow and develop, over a matter of 8 months. I feel that motor skills are an important part of infant development. Infants respond to the environment surrounding them, which makes it very important for a caregiver to provide the essential support for growth and cognition. Helping an infant develop motor skills can be started as early as a few weeks old. This is when an infant starts learning head control, which is essential in every aspect of motor development for an infant. There are a few things caregivers can do, to help strengthen the neck and head muscles of an infant; however, until full head control is established, it is very important for an infant’s neck to be supported at all times. Once an infant learns how to control his head, the caregiver can start encouraging the infant to sit upright. This usually begins around 4-6 months; however, infants should not be left to sit unattended until full control is in place Full head control is usually established around 8 months old, which is when most infants will be able to sit sturdily and more independently. Usually between 8 and 12 months, after an infant has established full head control, is when crawling and creeping will begin. Also during this stage, the infant may begin to pull himself upright, using objects around him. Lastly, between 12 and 18 months, the infant will begin to walk and run independently and further developing his motor skills, which will carry and developed further, as time goes on.

There are many things a caregiver can do to help enhance motor skills and coordination in infants. At the early...
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