Collection Of Work

Topics: Developmental psychology, Jean Piaget, Child development Pages: 2 (258 words) Published: February 26, 2015
Collection of Work:
Where are the guidelines that the FETAC module descriptor talks about i.e., ‘The internal assessor will devise guidelines for candidates on gathering a collection of work that demonstrates evidence of a range of specific learning outcomes.

The content of work requires 5 different observations on 5 different children at 5 different stages of development.
The observations for assignment No. 1 (Collection of work) should be in the following order: Observation No. 1 0-1 year Checklist Physical Development
Observation No. 2 1-2 years Narrative Language Development
Observation No. 3 2-3 years Trail/Diagrammatical Cognitive Development Observation No. 4 4-5 years Time Sampling Social Development Observation No. 5 5-7 years Event Sampling Emotional Development Over what time frame should the observations take place……is it 30 minutes per child and per development area or is it expected to be more like a days observation/a week/a month??? A rough guideline of this expectation would be appreciated.

The timetabling of observations is dependant on the type of observation. e.g. checklist over 10-15 minutes, time sampling/event sampling over a period of days. Further details on this section regarding Observations (including sample observation sheet) Module: Child Development

Technique: Observations
Weighting: 40%
Each observation must include the following information:Aim; Background Details; Observation Record; Evaluation and Personal Learning. Assignment Issue Date :
Deadline Date :
Candidate’s Name: ____________
I confirm that this is my own work.
Candidate’s Name: ______________
Date: ________________

OBSERVATION NO. : ___________________________________
TITLE NO. : _______________________________________
__________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________...
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