Colonization In Late 1800s

Topics: Africa, Colonialism, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 2 (312 words) Published: May 4, 2015
Colonization in late 1800s –
Motivated by need for African resources
Educate and improve “barbarians”
Bantu had educational advantage
Acholi and Langi used as military
Slave labor caused 5 million deaths
Arabs in North, Blacks in south, separate colonies
When combined, Civil War
German genocide of Herero people
Imperialism – John Green –
McCartney Mission – 1793 –
Better trade conditions with China
Epic failure
Finally would Trade Opium
China saw trades as unfair
Threw British Opium into the sea
British demanded repayment in land to carry out trade
When Chinese refused they attacked
Counterattack by China in 1842
Fireworks and monkeys???
Never carried out
Anyway, unsuccessful.
Treaty of Nanjing
Britain got Hong Kong +5 treaty ports
Scramble for Africa
Industrialization, Nationalism, Colonization
Raw Materials
Cotton, copper, iron, rubber
Ended up failing in the 19th century because of disease
Africans were basically immune
Had smallpox etc. for centuries
Nagana killed African horses
No horses for Europeans = Useless
Later… Technology!
Traveling inland
No horses, no problem
Quinine medicine
Tonic water
Maxim Machine guns
Allowed wiping out of Africans after each battle
Africans, Chinese, Indians, Vietnamese, etc…. All defeated by a technologically superior army. By the end of the 19th century, Most of Africa and Asia = colonized by Europeans Exceptions: Japan, Thailand, Iran,

Afghanistan… Until Mongols

Africa Today – What is connected to Things Fall Apart? –
According to this video, the women are basically the glue of African countries. They are very significant in the African culture. In Things Fall Apart, the Ibo people see women as important. For example, with the phrase “Mother is supreme”, they provide the example that when a child is sad, they will always go to their mother to comfort them. Okonkwo sees women as less valuable as the rest of the tribe...
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